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We Provide Professional Products & Services to Fit Your Media Needs!

Duplication and Packaging

eDUBmedia is able to duplicate your finished CDs and DVDs. Our full-color or monochrome printer prints your graphics and text directly onto CDs and DVDs to display your graphics with professional results. To save you a step, we can also pre-print your CDs and DVDs for you. We also offer CD and DVD packaging.

Wiring and Installation

eDUBmedia installs Structured Media Wiring for Residential and Commercial Construction, Sound Masking for Data Call Centers, Security and Video Surveillance Systems for Learning Centers, Theater Lighting with A/V for Houses of Worship. We also provide Bulk Media Cabling and Electrical Products.

Production and Support

eDUBmedia offers extensive experience with digital media. We are able to record high quality digital masters of your demonstrations. We are available to assist in your multi-media presentations. We also provide A/V equipment and computer support for homes, businesses, and events.